The ambulance driver is one of the most respectable and respected positions of the society. It is a job that involves the lives of many, and that is why the job is respected by a lot of people. In case if you wish to become an ambulance driver, there are certain steps that you will have to follow. So here are some of the things that you have to consider to become an ambulance driver. We hope this supports as a career guide as well.

Make sure it is your passion:

The first thing that you will have to look into is whether it is your passion and that you are willing to take up the task of becoming a driver. Like we already said, it is a profession that involves a lot of lives, and it requires a lot of dedication. Unless you have interest, you cannot focus on this profession. So make sure it is your passion, and you are simply not choosing it out of chance.



You need not have to be a graduate or higher education. A person can simply be someone who has 12 education along with a diploma or anything in par. So education is not a great threshold for becoming an ambulance driver. Also, this basic education is required because he will have to learn certain things with regard to medicine and that is why he has to have at least high school diploma.

License and EVOC certificate:

This is a basic requirement that every ambulance driver has to have a drivers’ license. He must also carry an EVOC certificate that will make him eligible to drive a vehicle like an ambulance. EVOC stands for Emergency Vehicle Operator Course. Driving an ambulance is different from driving other vehicles. An ambulance driver cannot afford to have driving skills filled with a flaw. That is why this EVOC certification is required. This will help the authorities understand that person is eligible enough to drive an ambulance.

Emergency medical training:

Though there are hospitals and medical centers that do not require an emergency medical training, it would be better in his prospective career if the person has undergone the medical emergency training. This is because a paramedic will always be there in the ambulance to take care of the medical procedure. A person who has gone through EMT can better assist the paramedic, or in the absence of a paramedic he can assist and save the life of a patient. This will always be an added advantage.

These are some of the steps that you have to remember in order to pursue a career as an ambulance driver.